Software development outsourcing will allow you to access the collective experience and expertise of the AOByte team, leveraging the skill set of our tech experts and enthusiasts to deliver full-cycle services tailored to the needs of your software development project. AOByte provides software solutions based on team extension and dedicated team models.

Team Extension

Team extension service at AOByte is built around growing your business with an augmented team of software experts that match the demands of your unique product.

The model is based on an external hire with AOByte on a time and deliverables contract basis.

With AOByte’s team extension model, you can no longer worry about the value, speed, and effectiveness of software solutions needed for your project development.

We will provide software developers and task-oriented specialists well-adjusted to your project and matching your company culture.

Dedicated Team

AOByte’s dedicated team service gives you the perk of having a perfectly set up and efficiently managed software development team for end-to-end cooperation within your project. This partnership model is right for your business if you need a long-term collaboration with a dedicated team of hand-selected software professionals focused on realizing your development case from start to end as an in-house team.

AOByte offers a complete takeover of your project's development-related operation, providing standalone dedicated teams according to the requirements, industry expertise, and tech skill set you are looking for.


AOByte provides domain-focused software services, putting in-depth and data-driven knowledge of industries into the work to deliver reliable software development solutions that will drive your business forward.


Key benefits

Vast talent pool

The outsourcing model allows you to partner with the best tech geeks, who will contribute to your business success and add to your company’s internal experience and knowledge.

Cost efficiency

Software outsourcing is a way to optimize costs and get a team of experts without hiring separate professionals and equipping them with the tools and technologies they need to provide the software solutions.

Time savings

Working with an outsourcing partner eliminates the time-consuming processes of interviewing and onboarding new candidates, enabling you to conduct the project much faster and efficiently.

Advanced tech skill set

Developing cutting-edge software means implementing and leveraging advanced technology utilized to your business needs. And outsourcing a company with the newest tech skill set can become the rightmost decision for your project success.

Agile workflow

Outsourcing software development helps to break the project’s sequential phases into more flexible ones, with your outsourced software team focusing on several pieces of work simultaneously and adapting to emerging changes.


In order to explore more benefits...

Extend your team

Want to level up your software development? Let’s discuss how we can help to augment your team with our engineers and developers.